How to Study Maths Smartly

Maths is an interesting subject. You can score full marks in this subject if you study well from books. Thanks to the latest educational mobile apps, which are one of the best study resources for students these days. They have several benefits. They primarily make learning fun and engaging for students. The topics are well explained by subject experts in a video format. This makes it easy for students to learn the important concepts in an easy and interesting way. Not only these apps but also the reference books in the market these days helps you prepare effectively for exams.

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Let’s read how you can study Maths effectively.

1.   Using Different Study Resources

Mobile Apps are fast and they are one of the most interesting study resources for students. They help you to reach information anytime and anywhere. Having access to mobile apps assists students in learning any topic instantaneously. It facilitates learning of topics from the subject experts, apart from just school teachers. Revising the same mathematical concepts as Permutation And Combination,using these mobile apps support students to remember concepts longer. These educational videos can also be downloaded and saved for offline access. They let the students watch and grasp concepts even when they’re travelling. Nowadays all they need to learn their favourite concept is a mobile with these apps. This makes it easy for them as they need not carry heavy books for revision at the last moment. They can just watch the experts explaining the concept and tricks to solve a particular problem.

2. Reference Books

Studying from various reference books such as RD Sharma and RS Agarwal help you to be confident in exams. The questions given in these books follow a pattern of first solving an easy question and then moving on to the difficult ones. Increasing difficulty level slowly will help students gain confidence while solving the problem. These books also have sample papers to practice prior to exams.

3. Engaged and Interactive Study Resources

The concepts explained in the videos in the mobile educational apps and reference books are presented in a variety of engaging ways. These topics are explained using videos, and three dimensional models to make it more interesting in mobile apps. Not only this, you can also pause, rewind and replay these videos to practice a particular method to solve topics like Algebra. These videos, which are quite interactive also ask interesting questions in between to keep you involved in the learning. You are also supposed to write and solve quizzes often given in the videos to check your learning score. Similarly, you are also supposed to solve the worksheet or MCQ’s given at the end of the chapter in the reference books to gain confidence.


Mobile apps and reference books are the two main resources to study maths smartly. These have a lot of benefits. It makes learning more interesting for students. Along with the benefits mentioned above, they also acts as a personalized learning. The ease of learning and accessing information with just a click through app is the most important advantage.

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