Children’s Happy Home Education, Development raises funds for students

Cape Town – The Children’s Happy Home Education and Development (CHHED) held a concert to raise money for students who were unable to pay their university tuition.

The non-profit organisation, based in Kayamandi, Stellenbosch, provides educational and music resources to children in the community in the hope that this support will break the cycle of poverty.

The event at the weekend was organised to raise money for two students in the community who were associated with CHHED.

Among them was a student registered at De La Bat, a school for the deaf in Worcester, who owes R20 000, while the other is registered at the University of Stellenbosch, for a certificate in music, and has outstanding fees of R11 000.

“It breaks my heart to see kids owing money, as they will not be able to go back to school next year. I want these children to be able to continue with their education and to be armed with skills and qualifications,” said CHHED executive director Manduleli Mzayiya.

The fundraising event was also aimed at providing emotional and moral support to families in the community.

“It is important to show kids who are unable to pay their fees that they are not alone and that the community supports them in their drive to achieve an education,” said Mzayiya.

The concert featured local artists, including Anga Bixa, Bongani, Elvis and Merci Black.

He said the concert raised R2 000 and CHHED has applied to the municipality for R31 000 to cover the total costs of university tuition for the two students, but is still awaiting final confirmation.

Mzayiya said the organisation needed financial support from donors to assist students who were unable to pay their tuition fees.

“We will do our part but we cannot do it alone and we need benevolent people to help us. The most important thing is that these students are not kicked out of school and this is my conviction,” he said.

CHHED has four upcoming fundraising concerts planned for 2019. Anyone wishing to donate can contact the CHHED on 072 924 7528 or 067 235 1350.