Time and trust are constraints for online learning platforms

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NEW DELHI, OCTOBER 29-Lack of time and absence of trust remain major challenges for players who work in e-learning space in India, according to Khan Academy, a popular online education portal.

“Students are going to schools, and then coaching classes, so not much time is left for them to think of online learning. At some point there has to be shift where students, parents and teachers could feel comfortable that one could learn the subjects with the help of online learning resources,” said Sandeep Bapna, Managing Director, Khan Academy India.

If a student goes to a tutor he/she is certain that the teacher will give them personalised attention. For online learning that trust is still not there, he added.

The California-headquartered organisation entered India in 2016. It currently has 8 lakh learners. Out of the total numbers, around 70 per cent access Khan Academy through mobile.

However, Bapna believes creating awareness is likely to change things for the better. Also, learning outcomes can be seen only when one would constantly use the resource. “All the school partners that we currently work with have time-tabled Khan Academy,” said Bapna.

Recently, it also signed an agreement with New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) for 28 schools. Under the tie-up, NDMC schools will be using the content provided by Khan Academy in all their schools.

“NDMC is currently in the process of procuring devices. So, it will start once all the infrastructure is in place,” said Bapna.