Education Matters: Ready, Set, School!

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The transition from Pre-K to Kindergarten can be a bit overwhelming for kids and their parents.

One local school district is taking an extra step to prepare families for the classroom setting.

Pre-K is all about learning through play. It focuses on emotional, social and motor activities.

“When you get into Kindergarten you kind of get into more of those academics and they have to move into that, so it’s a hard transition for kids,” says Nikki Stolzer/Director of Pre-K for the Pulaski County Special School District (PCSSD).

To ease the young students into the transition, the PCSSD is teaming up with Pulaski County Youth Services (PCYS) for a readiness program.

It’s called, Ready, Set, School!

“I think there is a majority of students who aren’t ready,” says Jimmy Warren/Program Coordinator at PCYS.

He says it’s important to prepare kids early, especially for those who are used to being at home with parents or a family member all day.

“You’re going into a school setting. You’re paying attention to bells, you have to follow rules, you have to stand in a line,” Warren contiues.

Families have already gone to meetings that help them prepare for the move to Kindergarten. A counselor answered their questions, provided them with books, steps to take and addressed the emotional wellness of each child.

“How do I know if my child is going through depression or warning signs, such as my child isn’t able to make friends on the playground,” explains Warren.

They believe addressing these key things early on will help everyone enjoy the rest of the ride.

“We are here to support them and to work with them to make sure that their child is a success,” adds Stolzer.

Ready, Set, School will also host a Kindergarten transition camp.

If you are interested in having Ready, Set, School offered at your school, click here for PCYS contact information.