Power of email marketing for real estate

If you’re a real estate professional, you’ve probably been told about the power of email marketing for real estate agents. Knowing this, it’s always wise to develop your own list and develop a connection with said list. It’s one thing to gather a bunch of email addresses for a spreadsheet. It’s another experience for people to be responsive and open to what you have to say. Most email marketing programs will show you how many people have opened your email after a certain campaign. This will show you how responsive people really are to what you have to say. If you develop a good rapport, this can help you in the long run. Consider these three ways you can work on improving the quality of your email marketing campaigns.

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1. Showcase the homes.
Make sure that you showcase the latest homes for sale. This should be one of the main priorities of your campaigns. Make sure the links are up-to-date. The photos need to be captivating. If you have videos that showcase the inside of the home, this is even better. If you haven’t taken the time to get photos or professional videography done, this is a good investment. People want to see what they’re walking into.

2. Deliver tips on the home-buying process.
The home-buying process can be a scary one. If you’re dealing with first-time home buyers, it’s a good idea to curate a list of articles and resources that can help them through this process. There’s a lot of information to consume. However, if you make it easy to digest, your clients will be forever grateful. When you interact with your buyers and sellers, take note of what they seem to want more of. If they want more information within specific areas of the process, try your best to be a strong resource by providing articles and information that can help them. When your emails are viewed as valuable, they’re more likely to be opened.

3. Determine the consistency.
Each person is different. The way one real estate agent communicates with their list is going to be different from how you will. Yes, it’s helpful to take note of what works. At the same time, this also means that you’ll have to go through an experimental process. For a month, consider sharing newsletters every single week. On another month you can consider sharing newsletters twice a week. Take note of the analytics behind these efforts to help you determine how often you should share content.