For whom the doses are starting at 2IU??

The cycle of the growth hormone act as a frequent staple in this world of fitness and bodybuilding with its availability in both the forms, i. e. the natural form and the synthetic form. The HGH supplements are not recommended by the doctors for non-medical use; however it has been used by celebrities because of the incredible results they can get with it. The human growth hormone is responsible for a number of functions and can take place, as and when the hormone is created. Some of its functions include:

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  • Improves blood pressure
  • Increase endurance
  • Increases the strength of bones and muscle mass
  • Increases the level of energy
  • Encourages generation of tissues

The human growth hormone is very important for the fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders. Once the growth hormone gets mixed with the standards that are safe and sterile, the nest crucial step is the dosage. The doses starting at 2IU are meant for the individuals who want to slow down the process of anti-aging.

Dosage of HGH for anti-aging process:

The growth hormone must be taken in dose of 2IU in a day. This would be in the form of injections and can be taken anyhow, either filled or empty stomach. Some of the doctors recommend to take it in the morning, as the body of an individual produces hormones naturally during sleeping hours. So, as a result the intake of the injection before going to bed may reduce the natural release and leads to deficiency of growth hormones.

Dosage for fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders:

4IU is the normal dosage for the bodybuilders and the fitness enthusiasts. In some cases, it has been seen that the bodybuilders increase their dosage to 6IU. This increase in dosage increases the risk of side effects. The individuals are recommended to take the dosage, as prescribed by a doctor and divide it into three injections in a day. The injections taken in the morning and in the afternoon provides the best results.

The most common side effect on increasing the dose of HGH is the carpal tunnel syndrome. If the individuals experience any pain in the tendons or joints, then he is recommended to stop the intake of the HGH until the symptoms gets aside. The individuals must consult a doctor before starting intake of the HGH, as too little or too high dosage of the HGH may lead to severe side effects.

The individuals experiencing the condition of diabetes are suggested to talk to a doctor before starting the intake of the HGH. This is because these supplements have the ability to drop the blood sugar to a level that could be too dangerous, if taken in higher dosage. The doses starting at 2IU, i.e. the low dosage enables an individual to enjoy the benefits of the growth hormone supplements and get rid of its life threatening side effects. The individuals must take the minimal supplements and pay more attention to the growth hormone cycle. The individuals under any medication must also consult with a healthcare professional.