An Introduction to Steroids for the new body builders

Whenever we think or talk about steroids we immediately speak of athletes and sports people taking them. To a large extent it is true but yes a lot of women also take this. To get that right body weight and physique many women and men who are at a very young age do take these. Since steroids are also of different types, these are used by different people. Many just take it thinking their friends are taking it so they must also take it and some take it thinking it looks cool to do it.

What it does?

Many athletes and many young people also have been taking such things to have that extra strength and also to gain that pace. Since everyone wants to be better than the other so they take these so that they can have an edge over. It is like an immediate solution.

How are steroids taken?

When an anabolic steroid is taken orally, it gives a faster result than when it is used as an injectable. However, the half life of oral steroids is shorter, and hence injectables have a greater advantage in this context. In either case, it is the requirement from the drug that determines its use and application. The same form of steroid can usually be used in either way.

Oral steroids are usually chosen when the user is a novice, and needs to understand whether the drug will work well for him. Else, it can be clubbed with an oral stack that contains other drugs.

When on a steroid stack, it is also necessary to simultaneously compensate with a high protein and good fat diet. This will help to enhance the output and effects of consuming steroids. When the drugs are consumed, it is only for a fixed dosage. It is not recommended to exceed the dosage or the time duration suggested for each medication. Instead, you should continue with a post cycle therapy, to maximize the effects and retain the muscular gain that was possible during the use of the drug cycle. There are specific stacks that will enable this to happen, and this will depend on the original drugs that were used during the cycle.

There are different steroid cycles and dosage for different expected results. Thus, when you want to build muscles faster and are new to body building then Anabolic steroids for a 6 week bulking cycle is just the right anabolic steroid for you. Gain a comprehensive idea when you read more about steroids like Dianabol.

A Word Of Caution Though

Being a steroid, there are side-effects but naturally. But compared to other steroids, its safety and fame remain pretty intact. Still, a few that could afflict you could be:

  1. Gynacomastia: This is the development of the breast tissue in a man.
  2. Roid rage: This is the emotional mood swings. One may find oneself in uncontrollable rage and anger moods.
  3. Masculine Problems: Shrinkage of testicles, infertility issue, and baldness being the main.