Forskolin GNC – An Overview

Either it is for online, physical store or just for weight loss while buying extra care should be taken on how it should be used, whether it is from a safe brand or not and completely know what ingredients it contains. Mostly it is a root extract from coleus plant. Even though originated from India today Coleus is found as a garden plant all over the world. The medicine is available from many manufacturers and several brands.

For weight Loss:

Coleus plant and its fruit extract is even effective in autoimmune disorders like allergies and asthma. Studies have shown that it is even useful in the treatment of cardiac disorders and lung ailments. It can help in reducing the dilation of heart and lungs.

The usage of forskohlii for weight loss has now become very common. This is obvious because nowadays one can see many traditional medicines being enhanced and added with other extracts to get the desired results from them. Coleus plant extracts can be seen in many medicines. The fruit extracts as well as fluid extracts from this plant are used.


In the weight loss supplement market, Forskolin brands at GNC offers lot of options for the consumers. In the online market GNC promotes a brand with 60 capsules of 250mg. In this there is 20% forskohlii. It is a hundred percent vegetarian product. Cost of the product is 50%.

It is usually found in vitamin and mineral supplements section in the Walmart. Forskolin Walmart is commonly found as capsules. In Walmart one can find forskolin supplemts from many brands. One of the forskohlii supplement found in Walmart is said to benefit testosterone levels, thermogenesis and effective even in enhancing lean muscle mass.

Pure forskolin extracts and even premium pure supplements are found in Vitamin Shoppe products. Starting from 50 mg of Coleus Forskolin extract to products containing 350 mg of Forskolin are found in Vitamin Shoppe. There is vegetarian capsule available with 10 mg of Forskolin in Vitamin Shoppe. The products with more percentage of forskolin are costlier.

When we consider the user reviews of Forskolin, they vary widely. It is difficult to come to a conclusion that the forskolin from GNC, Vitamin Shoppe or any other online or offline product is good. Effects of forskolin is different for different individuals. For some people there may be no change after the usage. For some other there will be significant changes. One more reason behind this is only taking supplement and expecting desired weight loss will never work. Along with the dosage one should always follow a proper diet and physical workouts for the effective results.

Along with the price one should always observe the ingredients on the product especially when the usage is for fat loss. It is better to consult the expert if there is any doubt or confusion about the ingredients written. It may be from Walgreens, Amazon or Vitamin Shoppe one particular product with standard set of ingredients will suit for an individual. Deciding among these products is the main thing.