Bulk SMS For Stock Marketing Company Is Vital

Recently, the role of advisory companies have changed from an easy execution of trades to giving expert recommendations along with execution. In such instances, an advisory firm has to understand the requirements of customer, their period of holding and returns, risk assessment, etc. to give them expert advice based on market conditions.

It is essential to keep clients crystal clear about each and every aspect of mutual funds, securities, debentures, types of shares, shares dividend, stock trading, stock options, etc. As a result, today, a number of stock brokers from small and large advisory companies are updating their customers on the latest market fluctuations by text messages, telling them about investment options, including strategies and derivatives, expert advice along with execution in real-time.

It is a well-known fact that stock market is one of the most volatile industries. Movements, analysis and news have to be kept track of minute by minute. Also, clients have to be updated about the same immediately, and SMS make this instant communication and information exchange possible. With transactional SMS service advisory companies are able to provide constant guidance to share market investors. Markets are highly volatile and investors are expected to act fast by buying on ‘dips’ and selling on ‘highs’. With almost all clients connected to mobiles rather than the internet or emails, SMS is the best way to update them.

If you are an advisory company or provide services that need to deliver SMS in a particular time than bulk SMS services for advisory is available for you. Reputed service providers ensure 100% delivery, multiple routes for proper redundancy and backup, delivery time of a few seconds and great add-ons to make sending bulk SMS a lot easier and straightforward.

Advisory companies can use bulk SMS for the following services:

  • Send alerts on DEMAT/repurchase requests by customers
  • Send confirmations on DEMAT requests
  • Intra-day buy/sell tips to the customers
  • Customers can enquire relevant information of the market
  • Alerts on upcoming IPO issues
  • Every day lows and highs
  • Confirmation of trade requests
  • Alerts when position of the client reaches the margin limit
  • End of the day trading positions and portfolio
  • Sell/buy alerts
  • End of the day trading portfolio and positions


The benefits of using bulk SMS service for the advisory companies are:

Increased client loyalty as the transfer of time sensitive information would assist customers create more wealth.

Increase in brokerage revenue as the clients receiving researched information will make more investments.

Improved staff productivity as staff employees will be spending less time on phone calls answering client queries.

Decreased overheads on phone calls as most of the communication would be done through SMS.

So, don’t waste another minute understanding the use and advantage of bulk SMS service for your stock advisory company, and start using bulk SMS today to take your firm to new heights.