IIT-K experts to study active faults which can trigger earthquakes

KANPUR: Experts of IIT Kanpur will conduct mapping of the active faults in the country that can trigger earthquakes. But first an expert team will be prepared for carrying out the lengthy task for which a class cum practical training workshop has kickstarted at IIT-K.

It will be two months from now that the experts will conduct the study at the foothill zones of Chandigarh, Dehradun and Punjab. The experts will study active faults here and thereafter, digitize the fault maps. This team will be headed by IIT-Kanpur professor of civil engineering department, Javed N Malik.

Two other teams headed by other experts will identify the active faults and map them in Gujarat and Jammu and Kashmir, Central to North Western Himalayas respectively. This is for the first time that the work of mapping of the active faults is being done on such a massive scale. The entire work is being done in the backdrop of the Nepal earthquake which had hit this year, causing massive destruction and loss of precious lives.

Talking to TOI, Prof Javed Malik said that a trained team of experts will do the task of identifying the active faults and thereafter mapping will be done. He said that this ambitious and mammoth project will start in two months time and is being funded by Ministry of Earth Sciences. Funds to a tune of Rs 20 crores will be provided by the ministry, he added.

“We will start the project from the foothills of Nanital first where there exists active faults and gradually lookout for such faults in Chandigarh, Dehradun, Punjab”, said Prof Malik.

He added that the team members who will engage in the task include Dr Shanti Swarup Sahoo, Shreya Arora, Asmita Mohanti, and Shravnthi and the work will be coordinated by me.

When questioned what work would be done during the study of the active faults, Prof Malik said active faults will be characterised first and their analysis will be done as to how much damage it can cause. Also the study will involve in knowing upto what magnitude of earthquake these faults can trigger, he said.