Budding entrepreneurs from Lemon School of Entrepreneurship get a lesson in spirituality

NAGPUR: A place abuzz with the excited chatter and pertinent discussions about start-ups became silent for two days last week. While usually they are busy brain storming and pitching ideas, students at Lemon School of Entrepreneurship (LSE) were given a taste of meditation and introspection.

The school had organized a two-day camp on spirituality and life integration recently. The workshop was conducted by spiritual psychotherapist Dr Prabodh Yelne who is Chair, Self and Psychology at LSE and the founder president of Association of Counselors and Psychotherapists, Nagpur.

Speaking about the need for such a workshop for future entrepreneurs, Dr Yelne said, “If you have a clear vision and insight, your work is half done. Exploring yourself and the passion inside you is the first step towards an entrepreneurial journey.” With a clearer vision in mind, LSE entrepreneurs would be working towards their start- up ideas with new zeal and enthusiasm and trying to make a difference in society by trying to be job creators, he added.

The participants were led through Meditation to their own self to understand the present and make peace with who they are. “It is very hazy out there in startup ecosystem as many are taking birth every day. The camp helped entrepreneurs to search for the best entrepreneur path with deeper self-connection,” said dean of LSE Vikas Rajput.