Make use of official website to get NCERT books

In India different educational systems are followed. Different committees support educational system. A famous educational committee that supports CBSE educational system in India is the NCERT. NCERT is an educational organization that provides support to educational institutions in their academics. A number of educational bodies in India run their academics as per the syllabus of NCERT. As this syllabus is this much famous, it is important for the students to get the books related to this syllabus.

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Not only for educational purpose, but also the NCERT books are used for some of the competitive exams conducted in India like SSC, RRB and UPSC etc. Therefore, if anyone have the books of NCERT he or she can study the syllabus effectively and able to pass these competitive exams. Nowadays, a lot of students are in need of the NCERT CBSE Solutions and books. Not only students, even teachers also want those books. Thus, in order to help them, the NCERT committee provides their books in their official site.

Download books from official site

Rather than downloading the books of NCERT from other sources, it is best to download those books from the official site of NCERT. One can get different topics books from the official site of NCERT includes







Fine arts





Political science

Social science

Heritage crafts


Business studies

Graphics design

Computer and communication technology etc

Another interesting thing is, these books are available for classes 1 to 12th. Thus, students of these classes can get their required NCERT books from the official site. In addition to the books, there are a lot is available in this site including the daily notes, weekly tutorials, time table, and study tips etc. These all are very useful for the students in their academics.

Those who need printed books of NCERT can get it from the market. All the above said books are available in the market as well as in online shopping sites.

Other sources

Apart from the official website of NCERT, students and teachers can download the NCERT Solutions and CBSE Solutions books from other sources like This is an online website that contains all the study materials of NCERT. Students and teachers who want to get those books can visit this site and subscribe and get their books. This source is available in the form of mobile app also. Anyone can download the mycollegebag app and get their needed information from this app.

Empower your business skills

For years learning was confined to studying books for hours, rushing to nearby friends and fixing time with your teacher.Gone are the days when you stick to your book or on a desktop, making notes and answering questions generally by guess work. Today you can learn while moving, from your mobile phone. The present experience of learning is like as you are playing a game. You can complete your lessons, learn at your own comfort and consult your mentor anytime and from anywhere. These are some of the virtues of the present learning system. This learning system has benefited many aspirants and now it has widened its horizon to professional courses as well.

Change the earlier notation of learning and get stuck to the business management classroom training. The training ensures that you grasp the fundamentals and tools of handling the risk that is involved in any business. To make you an expert in this field, agile business analysis certification is a program that you need to get in touch with.

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In the training you will get familiar with the agile extensions based upon the book, Business Analysis Body of Knowledge and you get complete info on how to invest these concepts in the business for its betterment. The knowledge thus grabbed will open up several ways of employability for you. With thesuccessful completion of the course you are in aposition of applying your knowledge in agile projects.

For your convenience, the training is made available in just 2 day workshop. During these 2 days you will getan education from the industry experts who will ensure that you grasp the course with ease. For this they will give you a downloadable e-book. You can access your book from anywhere,even while travelling in a train or bus. The enitre syllabus is made easier by the industry experts so that what you gain is mastery and enhanced knowledge.

The course also helps you meet the requirement of the certification. To acquire the certificate, apart from undergoing the training you need to collect 16 PDUs and 16 SEUs. Your training will help you meet these two essentials with ease. To make the learning experience highly enjoyable and entertaining, games and shows are made an integral part of the learning. Teaching by games in one of the hottest trend of learning that is adopted by leading institutes. This is one of the most adopted ways of motivating the employees to get trained by the leading companies like PepsiCo, TATA and Birla group.

You get all right here, right now. You are just a click away from your bright future ahead. By learning the techniques of the Agile you can easily implement it in the business and can also lead the agile team. The training empowers you with the skill of applying agile concepts to the organizations. Presently leading companies are recruiting agile experts as the advantages of agile become clearly visible to them.

Feel Free To Play Casino Games Online For Free Of Cost

Casino games are highly familiar and the transition of particular games into the internet world has made them immensely popular across the universe. Some of the casino gaming sites are really much popular among people for the features offered by them and there are online sites that present with the list of the top casino sites and it is simple for players to get hold of the best sites to play their favorite games. Certain terms followed in most of the online casino real money appears the same with slight variations in each of them. It is really much important for players to read about the terms imposed by certain online casino site, before playing with them and there are several sources like the internet casino reviews available for the benefits of players to learn about the unique sites offering exceptional casino games.

List of casino games that are highly present on familiar casino sites deal about the pros and cons associated with each site and from the reviews players can determine on the reliability of top casino sites and choose to play with them. Internet casinos offer with a wide variety of casino games that are highly liked by players as they need not browse around different sites to play variety of games. Some of the present day casino gaming sites specialize with the availability of certain types of casino games.

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Get payment in your bank account

Most of the present day casino players who are really much interested in particular casino games can directly sign up with those sites and play their favorite games without any confusion on the reliability of casino gaming site. Players who are utilizing online casino real money should definitely know about the legitimacy of the casino gaming site and link their bank account with the gambling account to deposit money to play games and also to collect the payouts from the casino sites. It is really a very simple one to add accounts in the real money casino sites and it requires credit card details to upload funds.

Online casinos offer with different types of bonuses for the welfare of the players and they can definitely make use of them. If players take advantage of the casino bonuses high percentage of success is available. There is no doubt that online casino gaming sites will turn out most fabulous if they are being played in the online.

Safe courses build a proper scrum team

Team work is the key word of the Scrum technology and this is being implemented by most of the corporate houses now a days. The plan of the whole production system is so well chalked out that it there is no place for any confusion and the work gets done at ease. The Scrum technology is the one which includes the software which in its own way includes almost every single unit of the office included in the same chain. As a result the coordination is rightly maintained and the work is completed without any flaw.

The key and special features of the scrum technology:

The technology includes in developing a software which takes into its fold the total framework of the not only the production segment. It also includes a total development of the company in manufacturing the products which leads to the hike in the revenue generation of the company. The technology enables a completing a teamwork which includes everyone in the corporate sector. The team includes the traditional system and blends in with the new improved one so that every single person gets to work to make a flawless and improved set of products which has an absolutely different approach in the commercial value. The team members learn the Leading Safe Certification Course in Chicago and the changed theory in the production system. The production system is fast since every single person knows their role perfectly. The team leaders and the supervisors are agile and notice the quality and let the product pass through the quality control test and then only the products are launched in the market.

What do we achieve from the Scrum technology?

There are certain things which act as the pillars of success and each one has its value which adds on to the value of the Scrum. Let’s see the utilities and the value that is implemented in the system.

  • Commitment: It is one basic line which is followed by the workers in the company. They appreciate the values of each other to reach the ultimate goal.
  • Focus: The teams become more focused and they have the proficiency to take any kind of challenge that they have to across. They try not to leave any back logs.
  • Transparency: Each one in the team knows about the ultimate goal and this helps in taking the action plan ahead. At the same time they have the courage to overcome all oddities and come up with flawless production.
  • They learn to know the values of each other also making sure that they have mutual respect for one another.


With the knowledge of the  Leading Safe Training which actually educates them with the product knowhow. It is certainly a great step to make the company well known for the quality goods that is manufactured and which enables the company to increase in the revenue generation part and this is a great step towards the prosperity of the country.

For whom the doses are starting at 2IU??

The cycle of the growth hormone act as a frequent staple in this world of fitness and bodybuilding with its availability in both the forms, i. e. the natural form and the synthetic form. The HGH supplements are not recommended by the doctors for non-medical use; however it has been used by celebrities because of the incredible results they can get with it. The human growth hormone is responsible for a number of functions and can take place, as and when the hormone is created. Some of its functions include:

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  • Improves blood pressure
  • Increase endurance
  • Increases the strength of bones and muscle mass
  • Increases the level of energy
  • Encourages generation of tissues

The human growth hormone is very important for the fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders. Once the growth hormone gets mixed with the standards that are safe and sterile, the nest crucial step is the dosage. The doses starting at 2IU are meant for the individuals who want to slow down the process of anti-aging.

Dosage of HGH for anti-aging process:

The growth hormone must be taken in dose of 2IU in a day. This would be in the form of injections and can be taken anyhow, either filled or empty stomach. Some of the doctors recommend to take it in the morning, as the body of an individual produces hormones naturally during sleeping hours. So, as a result the intake of the injection before going to bed may reduce the natural release and leads to deficiency of growth hormones.

Dosage for fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders:

4IU is the normal dosage for the bodybuilders and the fitness enthusiasts. In some cases, it has been seen that the bodybuilders increase their dosage to 6IU. This increase in dosage increases the risk of side effects. The individuals are recommended to take the dosage, as prescribed by a doctor and divide it into three injections in a day. The injections taken in the morning and in the afternoon provides the best results.

The most common side effect on increasing the dose of HGH is the carpal tunnel syndrome. If the individuals experience any pain in the tendons or joints, then he is recommended to stop the intake of the HGH until the symptoms gets aside. The individuals must consult a doctor before starting intake of the HGH, as too little or too high dosage of the HGH may lead to severe side effects.

The individuals experiencing the condition of diabetes are suggested to talk to a doctor before starting the intake of the HGH. This is because these supplements have the ability to drop the blood sugar to a level that could be too dangerous, if taken in higher dosage. The doses starting at 2IU, i.e. the low dosage enables an individual to enjoy the benefits of the growth hormone supplements and get rid of its life threatening side effects. The individuals must take the minimal supplements and pay more attention to the growth hormone cycle. The individuals under any medication must also consult with a healthcare professional.

Which Is the Best Coaching Institute in Chennai for NEET?

Every year a new batch of students for the medical field to achieve their dreams of becoming doctors. The entire journey of preparation, right from Class 11 to a prestigious medical college is challenging and requires ample amount of hard work. Admission in any respected medical college requires a candidate to secure a good rank in NEET exam.

Every student has a different way of preparing for NEET. A highly competitive exam NEET requires ample amount of dedication and most students join a coaching center that helps them prepare. Aakash Institute is one of the best coaching institutes for students who are preparing for NEET. The unmatched track record of this institute speaks volume of its success. There are several reasons why it excels in providing the best coaching for competitive exams. Here’s my detailed Aakash Institute Chennai Review. Most questions are Read on!

How is the Faculty?

Exceptionally qualified and trained faculty with relevant experience in teaching. Faculty is competent and skilled from central universities and top institutes in the country like the IITs, NITs, and other reputed institutes.

What about Study Material?

Conceptually designed study material is easy to understand and is curated for both competitive and board exams. Study material for every subject has ample amount of information, analysis and graphic representation which makes learning interactive. Subject experts at this institute design question papers for various test series including the All India Test Series which assess students at the national level.

What if I have aweak understanding of the fundamentals and I am unable to cope up with my peers?

Then this is the only way to go! They follow an Action Based Coaching approach which is developed for students that help them understand fundamentalconcepts in a possible manner. This particular technique also sharpens the mental aptitude of the students.

How is the study environment?

The Institute has a highly competitive environment which ensures that every student is motivated to give their best. This kind of environment pushes students to perform better and efficiently manage their time. The faculty completes the syllabus well on time and the remaining time is utilized for practice tests and revision.

If I have doubts regarding concepts and questions?

The expert faculty conducts doubt clearing sessions regularly so that every doubt of students is cleared. The Institute also arranges particular subject-wise experienced faculty who encourages students to ask problems.

Any other facilities?

A well-equipped library with all the reference books, hostels, and even transport facilities are provided to students at a very affordable price. It is suitable for students coming from long distances as it saves time and money.

Does this institute provide any scholarship?

Yes! Scholarships range from 5% to 100% fee waiver based on the eligibility and brilliance of a student. The scholarships are divided into two categories viz. Merit and Special Scholarships.

While many students aim to become a doctor, cracking the NEET syllabus is no easy task. It is the best coaching institute for students who want to prepare for a competitive examination like NEET. Every subject is a key determiner of one’s success, and certain topics can be quite tricky. You might plan to burn the midnight oil inNEET preparation, but without adequate coaching, it will be difficult to crack this competitive exam.I was enrolled in the classroom program, and it helped me in more ways that I can comprehend. Today, I am a student at Madras Medical College, and for the reasons mentioned above I always recommend Aakash for its result oriented philosophy.

Do Any Weight Loss Treatments Work?

If you are trying to get fit, you have likely invested energy searching for weight loss treatments to help you succeed. The information available about the different weight loss treatments can confuse, and the individuals who are not kidding about getting in shape regularly attempt one item after another with restricted achievement. Obviously, the most ideal way to get more fit is to restrain your caloric intake while increasing your amount of activity, yet if you resemble the majority of individuals trying to thin down, you have probably found that it is difficult to adhere to a firm administration.

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If you are searching for weight loss treatments, you should choose if you want a prescription medication or something you can purchase over the counter. There are many weight loss treatments available over the counter and some have a greater impact than others on your ability to get in shape. If you are looking for an over the counter medication, there are a couple of things you ought to remember. To begin with, because something is labeled as “herbal” or “natural” does not mean it is totally safe. Many herbal weight loss treatments have been recalled because of dangers postured by the fixings acting together. Take some an opportunity to research the way the item works. Keep in mind, natural medications are not regulated by the government in the way that prescription medications are, so utilize caution when taking natural weight loss items.

One of the most up to date over the counter medications for weight loss is Alli however this is only available in the US right now. This medication is a decreased version of the prescription medication Xenical. Both of these medications work in the digestion tracts. They contain fixings that disable lipase, which is a compound in the stomach related tract that is responsible for the breakdown of fat so it can be absorbed. By disabling a portion of the lipase in the digestive organs, a portion of the fat cannot be absorbed by the body, in this manner causing it to pass through the stomach related tract through the entrails. This can be exceptionally viable as the body stores less fat. You will in any case need to watch what you eat because if you eat too much fat while on both of these medications, you will face uncomfortable reactions, for example, diarrhea and gas. Also, if you don’t work out, you won’t see much weight loss even with this medication.

The other medication option you have when looking for weight loss treatments is a prescription that chips away at the brain. Medications, for example, Reductil work in the brain to cause you to feel full with less food. This medication affects the chemicals in the brain that bring satisfaction from eating, along these lines checking some of your cravings. Again, however, without eating regimen and exercise, this medication won’t be as compelling as you would wish.

The bottom line is that no weight loss pills will work if you don’t submit yourself to a healthy eating regimen and a lot of activity. To know more, click here!

All universities in Bihar to be linked online for uniformity

All universities in Bihar are set to be connected online via a University Management Information System (UMIS) in order to streamline their academic activities and other operations, and improve the overall higher-education sector in the state.

The new software of the state education department is likely to be in place before the universities commence their fresh sessions in July this year. “It is a move towards digitisation of institutions of higher education in the state.

The software will link all universities and its constituent colleges and regulate them to bring about transparency in their functioning,” a senior state education department official said.

Highlighting some of the salient features of syncing all universities, the official said, “One of its major benefits is regularisation of academic calenders of all universities, so that examination and results are on time,” said a source.

At present, of the nine regular universities in Bihar, only Patna University sticks to its academic calender and holds timely sessions, sources said.

The UMIS will also open the doors for online admission process to the institutions. “Under the integrated system, all universities and their constituent colleges will have functional and up-to-date websites where people will get all relevant details at the click of a mouse. It will have information related to courses, fees, activities and alumni etc,” the official said.

The UMIS will also have profile of the faculty members that mentions their educational qualification, expertise in fields, and other types of contributions on the web.

“It will also help in fiscal management of the varsities, and the department will be able to monitor the release and utilisation of funds. The payment of teaching and non-teaching staff is likely to get timely too,” said the official. The HR management component of the software will look into the attendance, leave, promotion, retirement and pension etc of the faculty and staff members.

Announcing VCs

Meanwhile, the process for selection of vice-chancellors (VCs) and pro-VCs for 11 universities in Bihar is also in the final leg. Bihar Governor cum chancellor Ram Nath Kovind has already announced the names of six of the 10 VCs, whose posts were advertised. “While the remaining VCs are likely to be finalised by mid-April, the pro-VCs of 11 universities will be announced shorty after finalisation of VCs as many have applied for both posts,” an officer in the governor’s secretariat said.

Principals oppose timing of ICT workshop

The Mumbai Principals’ Association on Tuesday has written to the Maharashtra State Education Department objecting to the compulsory workshop for Class 9 and 10 teachers in the middle of ongoing Board exams and evaluation work.

On Monday the education inspector of Mumbai-North zone sent out a circular to all its schools asking them to send at least one of their Class 9 and 10 teachers for a workshop on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) under the Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan. The workshop is scheduled between March 22 and 24, from 10 am to 5 pm.

Principals from the city have raised concerns over such a training being organised in the middle of ongoing Board exams. “The department has organised a compulsory workshop at Dadar in the middle of Board exams. At this point all the teachers are busy with supervision duty and paper checking work. How can they be expected to attend this full day workshop in the middle of all this?” asked Redij, head of the Principals’ Association and the principal of Hilda Castelino School, Kandivali.

The Social Science I paper (History and Political Science) for SSC is scheduled for March 22. Redij said that while the Association has no issues with any training or workshop, the Education department should coordinate with the principals, and should check their existing schedules before conducting such programmes.

Anil Sable, Education Inspector North Zone said that the workshop could not be postponed as it is organised for guiding teachers on the ICT curriculum before the new academic year starts. “We have only asked one teacher from each school to attend the workshop and it wont be much of an inconvenience,” said Sable.

Engineering is an Evergreen Profession

It is often seen that demand for a particular profession keeps fluctuating. MBA graduates from established business schools were in top demand but all that changed during the recession.  Similarly demand for IT graduates were at all time high during the IT boom, but it came crashing down during the dot com burst. Fortunately, the market has rebounded and there is good demand for both MBAs and IT professions. What we are implying here is that demand for majority of the professional courses are determined by the overall economic condition and performance of a particular sector in the marketplace.  The only profession that seems to buck this trend is engineering. It is an evergreen profession the demand for which never slackens. The primary reason for it is that the wheel of technological innovation is continuously churning and engineers are the driving force behind it.

Engineering colleges gwalior

The creation of knowledge economy is important and engineers are the one capable of making it possible. This is the reason the demand for qualified engineers never loses momentum in the marketplace where they are considered as prized assets. Every year close to two million candidates sit for various engineering competitive entrance exams in India. Some of these tests are of the national level where as some are conducted at state level. There are also some universities and institutes which conduct their own personal test to determine the competence and capability of a student to successfully complete the rigorous academic program.

The tremendous popularity engineering as a career choice enjoys in India also has a negative side to it. It has led to mushrooming of engineering colleges in all parts of the country. These engineering colleges lack the expertise and the infrastructure to offer quality engineering education and the degree they dispense carries little weight in the marketplace.  It is therefore strongly recommended that you carry out proper research about the quality of a particular engineering institute before making a final commitment. Few of the important factors which can help you determine the true worth of  B.Tech colleges in Madhya Pradesh  or for that matter engineering schools anywhere are as following:

Infrastructure of the institute

This is of paramount importance as the infrastructure of an institute is a significant determinant of its overall quality and academic excellence.  It would be, however, imprudent to confine the essence of infrastructure solely to a good looking building. When we speak about infrastructure of the institute, we are referring to a broader term that encompasses a series of facilities offered by the engineering school. If possible. Ensure that the institute possess the capability to deliver quality education so that you can achieve all your personal and professional objectives associated with obtaining an engineering degree.

Placement offered

You also need to pay attention to the placement record of the institute. The type of placement it offers also shows its quality and the reputation it enjoys amongst the recruiters. Architectures are highly in demand in the present scenario where rapid urbanization demands their services to build modern buildings that offer the maximum utility in minimum of space. It is important as space is of a premium in towns and cities and their efficient utilization is of premium importance. A degree in architecture engineering from quality B. Arch colleges in Madhya Pradesh can prepare you well for a career as an architecture.