All universities in Bihar to be linked online for uniformity

All universities in Bihar are set to be connected online via a University Management Information System (UMIS) in order to streamline their academic activities and other operations, and improve the overall higher-education sector in the state.

The new software of the state education department is likely to be in place before the universities commence their fresh sessions in July this year. “It is a move towards digitisation of institutions of higher education in the state.

The software will link all universities and its constituent colleges and regulate them to bring about transparency in their functioning,” a senior state education department official said.

Highlighting some of the salient features of syncing all universities, the official said, “One of its major benefits is regularisation of academic calenders of all universities, so that examination and results are on time,” said a source.

At present, of the nine regular universities in Bihar, only Patna University sticks to its academic calender and holds timely sessions, sources said.

The UMIS will also open the doors for online admission process to the institutions. “Under the integrated system, all universities and their constituent colleges will have functional and up-to-date websites where people will get all relevant details at the click of a mouse. It will have information related to courses, fees, activities and alumni etc,” the official said.

The UMIS will also have profile of the faculty members that mentions their educational qualification, expertise in fields, and other types of contributions on the web.

“It will also help in fiscal management of the varsities, and the department will be able to monitor the release and utilisation of funds. The payment of teaching and non-teaching staff is likely to get timely too,” said the official. The HR management component of the software will look into the attendance, leave, promotion, retirement and pension etc of the faculty and staff members.

Announcing VCs

Meanwhile, the process for selection of vice-chancellors (VCs) and pro-VCs for 11 universities in Bihar is also in the final leg. Bihar Governor cum chancellor Ram Nath Kovind has already announced the names of six of the 10 VCs, whose posts were advertised. “While the remaining VCs are likely to be finalised by mid-April, the pro-VCs of 11 universities will be announced shorty after finalisation of VCs as many have applied for both posts,” an officer in the governor’s secretariat said.

Principals oppose timing of ICT workshop

The Mumbai Principals’ Association on Tuesday has written to the Maharashtra State Education Department objecting to the compulsory workshop for Class 9 and 10 teachers in the middle of ongoing Board exams and evaluation work.

On Monday the education inspector of Mumbai-North zone sent out a circular to all its schools asking them to send at least one of their Class 9 and 10 teachers for a workshop on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) under the Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan. The workshop is scheduled between March 22 and 24, from 10 am to 5 pm.

Principals from the city have raised concerns over such a training being organised in the middle of ongoing Board exams. “The department has organised a compulsory workshop at Dadar in the middle of Board exams. At this point all the teachers are busy with supervision duty and paper checking work. How can they be expected to attend this full day workshop in the middle of all this?” asked Redij, head of the Principals’ Association and the principal of Hilda Castelino School, Kandivali.

The Social Science I paper (History and Political Science) for SSC is scheduled for March 22. Redij said that while the Association has no issues with any training or workshop, the Education department should coordinate with the principals, and should check their existing schedules before conducting such programmes.

Anil Sable, Education Inspector North Zone said that the workshop could not be postponed as it is organised for guiding teachers on the ICT curriculum before the new academic year starts. “We have only asked one teacher from each school to attend the workshop and it wont be much of an inconvenience,” said Sable.

Engineering is an Evergreen Profession

It is often seen that demand for a particular profession keeps fluctuating. MBA graduates from established business schools were in top demand but all that changed during the recession.  Similarly demand for IT graduates were at all time high during the IT boom, but it came crashing down during the dot com burst. Fortunately, the market has rebounded and there is good demand for both MBAs and IT professions. What we are implying here is that demand for majority of the professional courses are determined by the overall economic condition and performance of a particular sector in the marketplace.  The only profession that seems to buck this trend is engineering. It is an evergreen profession the demand for which never slackens. The primary reason for it is that the wheel of technological innovation is continuously churning and engineers are the driving force behind it.

Engineering colleges gwalior

The creation of knowledge economy is important and engineers are the one capable of making it possible. This is the reason the demand for qualified engineers never loses momentum in the marketplace where they are considered as prized assets. Every year close to two million candidates sit for various engineering competitive entrance exams in India. Some of these tests are of the national level where as some are conducted at state level. There are also some universities and institutes which conduct their own personal test to determine the competence and capability of a student to successfully complete the rigorous academic program.

The tremendous popularity engineering as a career choice enjoys in India also has a negative side to it. It has led to mushrooming of engineering colleges in all parts of the country. These engineering colleges lack the expertise and the infrastructure to offer quality engineering education and the degree they dispense carries little weight in the marketplace.  It is therefore strongly recommended that you carry out proper research about the quality of a particular engineering institute before making a final commitment. Few of the important factors which can help you determine the true worth of  B.Tech colleges in Madhya Pradesh  or for that matter engineering schools anywhere are as following:

Infrastructure of the institute

This is of paramount importance as the infrastructure of an institute is a significant determinant of its overall quality and academic excellence.  It would be, however, imprudent to confine the essence of infrastructure solely to a good looking building. When we speak about infrastructure of the institute, we are referring to a broader term that encompasses a series of facilities offered by the engineering school. If possible. Ensure that the institute possess the capability to deliver quality education so that you can achieve all your personal and professional objectives associated with obtaining an engineering degree.

Placement offered

You also need to pay attention to the placement record of the institute. The type of placement it offers also shows its quality and the reputation it enjoys amongst the recruiters. Architectures are highly in demand in the present scenario where rapid urbanization demands their services to build modern buildings that offer the maximum utility in minimum of space. It is important as space is of a premium in towns and cities and their efficient utilization is of premium importance. A degree in architecture engineering from quality B. Arch colleges in Madhya Pradesh can prepare you well for a career as an architecture.

AUCET 2017: Online Application Starts; Apply Before April 15

Andhra University, Visakhapatnam has invited the applications for the admissions to various Post Graduate Courses in the university through Andhra University Common Entrance Test (AUCET) 2017. Admission through AUCET-2017 will be done to courses like MSc, MA, MCom, MHRM, MJMC, MLISc, MPEd, MEd, MTech, MSc 5 -Year Integrated Courses in Geology and Chemistry (Applied Chemistry).  The online application has started and the candidates can apply now.

AUCET 2017: Online Application Starts; Apply Before April 15As continuation of Andhra University’s earlier Notification dated March 3, 2017, the university also invited applications for admission into Prost graduate courses like MSc, MA, MCom, MLISc, offered in Dr. B.R.Ambedkar University, Srikakulam and its affiliated colleges through AUCET-2017.

AUCET 2017 notification has said that the eligible candidates may submit their applications through online mode only. Application Registration and Processing Fee of Rs.600/- (Rs.500/ – for SC/ST/PHC) may be paid through SBI I-Collect / Andhra Bank(billdesk)/ Payment Gateway(credit/debit card).The detailed information is available on the websites: and

Anna University: Time Table For March, April, May Degree Examinations; Check here

Anna university has released the time table for the candidates admitted in Anna University and the candidates who were waiting for the time table can check the time table now. Anna University has released time tables of the examinations for various courses conducted by the university in the different streams including of university departments, affiliated colleges, distance education.

Anna University Time Table For March, April, May Degree Examinations: How To Check

Anna University: Time Table For March, April, May Degree Examinations; Check hereThe candidates can check the time tables for the examinations of various courses offered in the Anna University through these steps:

Step One:

Go to the official website of Anna University

Step Two:

Click on the various, streams like, University Departments, Affiliated Colleges and Distance Education given in the News section in the home page

Step Three:

Check the time tables given there

Anna University has earlier declared the revaluation results online. The results have been announced at the COE portal. Candidates can check their online at the official portal of the University. Alternatively candidates can also check the result at

Is all fat bad for the body?

The general misunderstanding is the word fat is unwanted or considered harmful for the body. But is that the case? Body is made up of 2 main fat components. One the lean mass and other the fat component. Lean mass is the mass body builders and other professionals concentrate on. The other part of fat component is stored in most part of the body. This fat content when accumulated more results in gaining weight and obesity. Lean mass muscle fat content is good for health and gives you toned look. This type of fat is required for body to do their daily activities. Professionals concentrate on bulking this lean muscles to get robbed body. Many health supplements concentrate on increasing the lean mass of the body while helping burn an unwanted accumulated fat. Though there are many products supplements such as fastin increases utilization of body fat that is unwanted.

Image result for Is all fat bad for the body?

What is fastin and how does it work?

There are many in the world who are looking for inevitable solution for weight loss. Weight gain can be due to so many reasons. Hormone imbalance, genetic disorders, today’s life style are few to name. Whatever may be the reasons many in the world are looking to lose weight through many ways. Though there are many ways like physical work out and diet control that produces required results many are looking for easy alternative. Weight loss supplements come to their rescue. Most of these supplements are not legal to use in many countries. And there is Ann on usage of these elements by athletes and professionals. Though this product is called fastin it contains phentermine hydrochloride. It serves multipurpose. It also stimulates metabolism thereby promoting energy and also suppresses appetite. The nature of suppressing appetite helps people to stay on normal diet there by cutting unnecessary intake of food. Normal intake pill of dosage 30 mg per day will do good to start off with. This pill is to be taken before food or within 2 hours of intake of food.

Who can use this pill?

People who are looking to loose excess weight without major medical issues can use this product. This product mostly comes in pill forms. This capsule purchase though doesn’t need a prescription it is better to understand the usage and effects of the pill. Correct dosages timed before or after breakfast is very important. This pill is also seen as energy stimulant as it increases the metabolic rate after consumption.

Effects to look after

It is very important to balance the dosages as this pills could cause sleep disruptions if taken near bed time. It is always advisable to take this pill in morning. Even though fastin increases utilization of body fat there are few side effects if not taken properly. Some of them are increase in blood pressure, faster heart rate, increased anxiety and sleeping disorder. It is always better to consult a physician if any of this symptoms start to show at early stage. It is recommended for both men and women. Once taken with care it can give excellent results.

Leading a Successful Career

Establishing yourself as a professional can be a challenge. With today’s economy and unstable job market, it is important to market yourself appropriately. The widespread use of social media has also transformed the job market considerably. Many prospective employers will start their search online. Here are some ideas to help you stay relevant in the job market.

Image result for Leading a Successful Career

Keep an Updated Profile

Be sure to create a job profile on a professional networking website. Include highlights from your professional career and showcase any noteworthy accomplishments. If you have not had an extensive career, then it can be helpful to list a summary of your skills at the top of your profile. This can give recruiters an overview of your skills before they review the details of your work history. Providing a summary of your skills is a way to make a great first impression. You should also include specific details when you list your accomplishments. If you reached sales records or improved profit margins, then be sure to list these numbers.

Network Relentlessly

Never miss an opportunity to make a connection. Knowing the right people is just as important as having the most knowledge. Be sure to make connections with people who can recommend you for the positions you hope to obtain. Having colleagues who can introduce you to managers and directors who make hiring decisions is invaluable. Be sure to always keep a business card with you. This will make it easy for potential future employers to contact you. You can also follow up with a short message a few days after making a new contact.

Utilize Resources

You may also want to use experienced professionals to help you advance your career. If you are in need of a professional when you are making a work or personal decision, then consider using specialized career consulting. Experts who can provide guidance can help you make the best choices to help your career or business. Knowing when to ask for help is an important part of professional development, and experts may be able to provide solutions that you would not have considered.

Climbing up the career ladder is an exciting part of life, and you should make the most of each opportunity. Making connections can help you expand the opportunities that you are given. Take time to cultivate relationships with key people in your industry, and you can enjoy the benefits of professional growth.

Board exams don’t define who you are inside: Vir Das

Comedian and actor Vir Das recently announced his class 12 board mark sheet to the world on twitter in a hope to motivate students who are appearing for their board exams this year. On March 9 and 10, he posted two tweets about the boards, exchanging a few tips that may help students.

board exams, cbse, icse, isc, Vir Das, Vir Das board tips, Celebrity board marks, celebrity board exams, board exam tips, education news, indian express news, class 12 boards, class 10 boardsFrom the tweet it can be noted that the celebrity had scored great marks in Physics, Chemistry and Economics (73, 79 and 79 per cent), but had not fared so well in Mathematics and English. He commented that people should show their support to students appearing for the boards.

“The reason I try and say something nice to kids about their boards is because someone said the same to me when I messed up… and it helped me when I was in a very rough place,” the celebrity tweeted. He added that it was good to feel supported and asked people to say something nice to the kids instead of questioning him on his reason behind the tweets.

The celebrity also shared six tips for students appearing for their board exams:

1. “These exams WILL NEVER define who you are inside.”

2. “With each passing year, the importance that you and everyone around you attaches to these exams will fade away.”

3. “Whether your results are amazing or not doesn’t prevent your personality from being amazing. At the end of each day of your life, people remember who you are, not how you did.”

4. “If you do well, you have a moral responsibility to look out for those that didn’t and give them love and support. If you don’t do well, you have a moral responsibility to everyone that loves and supports you… to take care of yourself.”

5. “Your parents love you, and they are proud of you. No matter how strangely, silently, loudly, or indirectly they show it, they always will be”


He further added that the students are better than “this piece of paper” and asked them to “breathe”.

JEE Main 2017: Avoid these common mistakes to crack the exam

JEE Main 2017: The countdown for Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) for engineering college admissions has begun. With less than a month left for the highly competitive entrance exam, students are fighting tooth and nail to crack JEE to pursue engineering courses in top-notch institutions such as the Indian Institutes of Technology, National Institutes of Technology, Indian Institutes of Information Technology, and other centrally funded technical institutions across the country.

jee main admit card, jee main, iit jee, cbse, jee main 2017, iit, jee admit card, jee exam tips, how to prepare for jee, cbse iit jee, download jee admit card, education news

So, if it is your dream to bag a seat in one of these prestigious institutions in the country, then it is mandatory to perform exceedingly well in the JEE Main, which begins in April 2017.

By now, it is expected from students to have finished their concept-building phase and have mastered all areas of the competitive test. In order to give your best shot, you need to implement the right technique. Opting wrong methods during preparation will affect your progress and accumulate stress which can affect your overall performance.

Below are the most common mistakes that students must avoid during JEE Main preparation:

Do not lose focus on conceptual understanding:

It has been observed that students prefer method-based approach rather than applying a conceptual understanding over the questions. Initially, this approach might serve the purpose, but it can become quite detrimental for students because many a times, despite being framed on similar lines, a slightly off-patterned question becomes difficult to understand. Thus, it is always advised to apply concepts in each and every question that you solve.

Do not ignore the basics:

Students often make their preparations synonymous to studying with an exhaustive combination of reference books and study material. More than 70 per cent of the questions are either from NCERT or are an extended version of its learnings. Students should primarily stick with NCERT course books and head towards reference books only upon its completion.

Also, Class 11 syllabus constitutes a substantial portion of the JEE exam. Ensure that you revise its topics simultaneously along with your Class 12 syllabus. If an examination is fast-approaching, identify the recurring Class 11 questions from previous year’s question papers and specifically revise those topics.

Be confident and don’t doubt yourself:

This possibly is the biggest blunder that students make during the preparation. Giving room to doubts directly increases hesitation and leads to lack of confidence. Trust yourself and your abilities. Develop a positive mind-set. To do so, implement a goal-oriented strategy. For students that are not able to deal with this problem must set long goals initially. Moving forward, successively decrease the time period between. However, this activity should not be done during the last 15 days before the examination.

Avoid falling into traps:

When students practice similar questions too often, they develop a tendency to identify and solve them as per their self-interpretation. MCQ questions are often framed in a deceptive manner. Ensure that you read and understand the questions properly before attempting them. Also, avoid silly mistakes.

After performing well in mock drills and practice papers, students, to a certain degree, become overconfident. This results in careless mistakes and wasting a substantial amount of time in rechecking calculations. Do not lose your focus while solving a question. This will help you ensure that the solution has been correct at each and every step.

Additionally, during an examination, students tend to avoid long questions in fear of losing crucial time. Contrary to this popular belief, the long text questions are often easier to solve and will help you save time for revision. So, do not ignore or give them a miss.

Do not rush to complete your syllabus before time:

Students putting a lot of efforts during their early preparations are often seen slacking as the examination approaches. This pattern is more dominant in self-studying students that have no mentor. As a result, their performances drop severely. This also increases conceptual doubts later and makes time management exceedingly difficult during the final week. Completing syllabus before time is not an assurance of success. Students must constantly practice in order to increase retention and enhance their skill set in terms of speed and calculation.

Jamia Millia Islamia School Admission Process Begins

Process for admission in Jamia Millia Islamia School for class VI, IX and XI (Arts, Science & Commerce) has begun from March 1, 2017. The last date for applying online for Jamia Millia Islamia School is April 15, 2017. The admission form is available on The university will be conducting admission test for these classes in Delhi, Lucknow and Patna, said a press statement from the university.

Jamia Millia Islamia School Admission Process Begins

Meanwhile the university has extended the dates for the submission of application forms in the various other courses which university offers to March 11, 2017.

Jamia Millia Islamia School admission: Helpdesk

For details/query regarding the school admissions, the candidates may contact Help Desk e-mail, and phone numbers 91- 9836219994, 91- 9836289994, 91- 9836319994.