Career Options for Extroverts

Matching your career to your personality is one of the most important aspects of determining your happiness in the future. If you’re an extrovert, you most likely won’t feel fulfilled and engaged if you choose to enter a career that’s not people-focused. If you’re thinking about getting an advanced degree, consider these career options before making a final decision.

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Sports Management

Are you passionate about a specific sport? If you can’t go a day without catching up on the latest news about your sport of choice, a master’s degree in sports management could be the ideal career choice. When you get a sports management degree from Adelphi, you’ll have the opportunity to sharpen your critical thinking skills and gain valuable insight into the business side of sports organizations. This career path is often ideal for extroverts, as you’ll likely spend much of your time speaking to and networking with others.


If you’re dedicated to helping others and you feel that you could make a difference in the lives of countless young people, pursuing a career as a teacher might be an excellent decision. While most schools don’t require their teaching staff to hold advanced degrees, a Ph.D. in education is certainly helpful in landing a job at your dream school. If you’re already juggling life’s demands and you’re not able to attend school in the traditional face-to-face setting, click here to learn more about Maryville’s phd in education.

Registered Nurse

It’s no easy task to become a registered nurse, but this career is the perfect fit for individuals who are passionate about helping others and who can stand up to the demands of this often stressful position. In addition to having impeccable attention to detail and the ability to remain calm and composed at all times, it’s helpful for RNs to have a friendly, outgoing personality. An RN with a positive, uplifting attitude can make all the difference when treating patients that are scared or stressed.

Human Resources Specialist

If you’re interested in using your personality and skill set to facilitate employee satisfaction, a career in HR will likely be fulfilling and rewarding. As an HR specialist, you’ll work with the employees of your company to resolve conflict and ensure employee happiness. In some companies, the HR specialist is in charge of hiring new employees and handling the training and onboarding process. If you love to meet new people and have engaging conversations, consider a career in HR.

Social Media Manager

Many extroverts enjoy the role of social media manager, as this relatively new career option allows for flexibility and fun. Most companies seek social media managers who are able to formulate creative and eye-catching responses to queries and comments from customers. To land this gig, it’s a plus to have a background in marketing and be able to showcase your mastery of social media across all platforms. If the idea of spending your days chatting with customers is appealing, this career option is expected to experience quite a bit of growth as more companies catch on to the importance of this role.

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