Guidelines to Prevent Tech Debts from Occurring

It is a known fact, tech debt kills the code of a team. So, how can the team manage it? How can the technical team prevent the growth of tech debt from entering in the code? Check out the ways to work on the right track to avoid technology debt:

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  • Lay your eyes on the prize

Review is the best idea to maintain the quality up, so take up lots and lots of reviews- test reviews, code reviews, architecture reviews, as well as design reviews. Know that stores are promises for convo. A good project manager will continuously push the team to speak and go ahead of Pair Programming to ensure that suitable SMEs are included, to involve in frequent reviews to enhance knowledge and quality.

  • Test coverage

A lot of eyes on the code lead to an efficient product and more intelligent people, but surely it doesn’t sorts the problem about what you should for the future. How can tech team secure the code from future developers? The right idea is to make the code simpler to use for future developers and maintainers and to hold broad auto test coverage. This gives the future extenders a better knowledge of the code and less hurdles in amending it. The developer will not fear the code anymore

There are two types of tests that can be performed:

  • Unit test
  • Back box tests


  • Constant cleanup

To design and maintain a good code, it is important to stay updated with constant cleanup, also called refactoring. The keyword in this sentence is constant- not once in a while. As per the experience, it is shown once the dirty code gets too big to manage, it get very difficult to clean it all. Coverage test, test driven development as well as refactoring are complicatedly connected. The capability to do all is regarded as full competency of a good developer.

  • Insert present tech documentation

In order to change the code easily, the developers should know what they are looking for in real so they actually know the changes that have to be made. The code will not reveal the design decisions that have been made or why were they made. It cannot explain you the logical groupings of objects. Thus, it often gets quite difficult to discriminate the commitment of some complicated set of code.

Thus, it requires the maintenance of tech documentation. Or in the least, you should insert comments in the code to help the developers know what is going on in the code. Make sure the embedded documentation stays updated. With the changing of code, tech documentation will require refactoring. No documentation is not good.

  • Go for XP practices

XP means Extreme Programming. It is a group of development practices which creates clean code. CP practices are extensively defined. It is advisable for a Scrum team to make use of XP practices.

Tech debt requires efficient management. It is quite similar to credit card debt. Like the best way to pay out tech debt is to approach a fiscal institute or a debt consolidation company similarly, the best way to pay off credit card debt is to go for debt negotiation, debt settlement or debt consolidation. Check out more details on the topic and on credit card consolidation loan online and you will get better idea how to get benefitted in the right manner.

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