Haryana to bar candidates carrying phones to exam centres

HSSC has decided to debar candidate found possessing mobile phone or any other aiding material in the examination room from future examinations.

Haryana to bar candidates carrying phones to exam centres

Chandigarh: To curb unfair means in examinations, the Haryana Staff Selection Commission (HSSC) decided that any candidate found possessing mobile phone or any other aiding material in the examination room will be debarred from future examinations, a commission spokesman said on Sunday.

“Candidates for written examinations have been warned not to carry any mobile phone or any type of watch or wear belt and ornaments such as rings, chains and earrings. They may not carry any electronic or communication device, pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener and correcting fluid in the examination centre,” the spokesman said.

He said that any candidate found possessing any such item would not be allowed to enter the examination centre.

“It will be treated as a serious violation and amount to cancellation of candidature. The candidate will be debarred from future examinations of the HSSC,” he added.

He said that candidates would be frisked before allowing to enter the examination centre.

Use of CCTV cameras and biometric attendance process by capturing the thumb impression and photograph of the candidates will be done during the examination.

Video-graphy will be conducted and jammers be used in the examination hall to stop copying and impersonation, he added.

 Study Constitution well, understand democratic process

The president said the Constitution represented a second liberation, this time from the stranglehold of traditional inequality in gender, caste, community along with other fetters that had chained the country of too long.

Study Constitution well, understand democratic process: President to law students

Bengaluru: Urging law students to study the Constitution well, President Pranab Mukherjee on Sunday asked them to be the change that they seek through participation in all matters relating to governance and the state.

Addressing the 24th Annual Convocation of National Law School of India University (NLSIU) here, the President urged the students to study the Constitution well, understand democratic institution and process under it and analyse the choices that were made to build the country what it is today.

The Constituent Assembly which drafted the Constitution represented the Indian population.

India has one of the finest constitutions in the world the driving principle of which is a compact between state and citizen, a powerful public-private partnership nurtured by justice, liberty and equality.

Mukherjee said the Constitution represented a second liberation, this time from the stranglehold of traditional inequality in gender, caste, community along with other fetters that had chained the country of too long.

“Therefore, when on the November 29, 1949 in the Constituent Assembly of India, the members adopted solemnly and it is not a few hundred members of the Constituent Assembly but it is the people of India after 190 years of colonial rule for the first time adopted a legislation. Adopted and gave it to themselves.

“Therefore, the author of the Constitution is not any individual nor a group of individuals not merely the Constituent Assembly members but the people of India who have solemnly affirmed India into a sovereign democratic republic and to give it to themselves equality, liberty and justice,” he said.

During the convocation, the President also gave 45 medals to 20 meritorious students and expressed happiness that most of the medals have been won by girl students passing out from the university.

Terming the students as the brightest young minds of our country, he asked them to help policy makers to make the right policies. The President said a democracy cannot be healthy without informed participation.

“It is just not merely an exercise to give vote, to choose rulers through periodical elections. It is much more. It requires…Your participation in all matters affecting the state. You cannot remain a bystander and expect others to do it for you,” he said.

Mukherjee said the students must analyse how the electorate behaved on crucial junctures.

“Before General Elections, 2014, in my address to the nation on the eve of the Republic Day on 25th January, I asked Indian electorate you are given an opportunity. It is for you 400 million voters… You have to chose the government which will not be the victim of opportunist, capricious, unprincipled coalition. Country has suffered enough, it requires political stability,” he said.

Mukherjee said it is amazing that the response from all over the country was such that after 30 years, a single party majority emerged in 2014.

“I am not going into the merit or demerit of the government. But it’s a fact that the people chose from their own experiences. They said we have to exercise our right to set wrongs into right and they did,” he said.

The President said it was not the first time as many a times Indian voters have shown their political maturity by exercising their sovereign right of choosing their political rulers and proved many a doubting Thomas wrong.

How to Manage Technical Debt

Technology debt is possibly the biggest nightmare of a software team. Basically, it is a programming concept which denotes additional development work on hand when the coding gets too tough to be amended.

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Simply stated, as you commence with one change in the complex code, other related changes arise simultaneously in the documentation. The others changes are regarded as debt which needs to be paid at some or the other point in the future. Though it may sound bad, but tech debt isn’t a bad thing. A tech debt occurs at several points in the development procedure in the form of an under-estimated task size, scope creep form, un-noted dependencies like team members taking leave or falling sick.

How to counter technical debt

The industry still cannot figure out a mantra to manage quick development without managing serious setbacks because of technology debt. But, it doesn’t mean that there is no way out.

  • Find out what is tech debt

Project managers and developers may hold different perspective on technical debt. It is possible that the technical team may characterize dependencies as tech debt while the project manager may prioritize designing new specs as major tech debt issue. It is possible that one party is jaded by the other’s decision. The difference in opinion causes extra development work.

Team members should understand that every extra effort made in completing a task is tech debt. For example, the extra hours in changing a code to launch a functionality. It such debt remains unattended, it will accumulate and make the system more complex. The unpaid tech debt adds to the software entropy making it costlier with time.

  • Evaluate and track technology debt

Make use of instruments like codeclimate.com to stay updated on the code in the right manner. If you have joined hands with the third party, you can make use of code governance instruments to execute static code evaluation and find out how the code is wrong in real time. Once acknowledged, you can essay the debt occurrences in the right way. Maintain a shame file. It is good way to track tech debt.

  • Design sustainably

Design your product with long term improvisation in mind. Object for sustainable advancement, which is about efficacy and managing short and long term needs. Ensure that software you have made has the best possible value for its clients and requires lower cost of change. The aim is to design smallest solution in the shortest span of time with highest customer value.

  • Refactor extensively

With refactoring, one means to change the way a code has been written, without hampering its functioning or editing the code framework. It means you have to keep the behavior intact. You can refactor the code once you know these parameters:

  • If you’re including a hard to execute function
  • If you’re amending the code for the second time, you’ll definitely change it the 3rd, 4th and 5th time too.

Refactoring could be tedious job so make sure you write the tests before. Clickhere to know more about the refactoring process.

Guidelines to Prevent Tech Debts from Occurring

It is a known fact, tech debt kills the code of a team. So, how can the team manage it? How can the technical team prevent the growth of tech debt from entering in the code? Check out the ways to work on the right track to avoid technology debt:

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  • Lay your eyes on the prize

Review is the best idea to maintain the quality up, so take up lots and lots of reviews- test reviews, code reviews, architecture reviews, as well as design reviews. Know that stores are promises for convo. A good project manager will continuously push the team to speak and go ahead of Pair Programming to ensure that suitable SMEs are included, to involve in frequent reviews to enhance knowledge and quality.

  • Test coverage

A lot of eyes on the code lead to an efficient product and more intelligent people, but surely it doesn’t sorts the problem about what you should for the future. How can tech team secure the code from future developers? The right idea is to make the code simpler to use for future developers and maintainers and to hold broad auto test coverage. This gives the future extenders a better knowledge of the code and less hurdles in amending it. The developer will not fear the code anymore

There are two types of tests that can be performed:

  • Unit test
  • Back box tests


  • Constant cleanup

To design and maintain a good code, it is important to stay updated with constant cleanup, also called refactoring. The keyword in this sentence is constant- not once in a while. As per the experience, it is shown once the dirty code gets too big to manage, it get very difficult to clean it all. Coverage test, test driven development as well as refactoring are complicatedly connected. The capability to do all is regarded as full competency of a good developer.

  • Insert present tech documentation

In order to change the code easily, the developers should know what they are looking for in real so they actually know the changes that have to be made. The code will not reveal the design decisions that have been made or why were they made. It cannot explain you the logical groupings of objects. Thus, it often gets quite difficult to discriminate the commitment of some complicated set of code.

Thus, it requires the maintenance of tech documentation. Or in the least, you should insert comments in the code to help the developers know what is going on in the code. Make sure the embedded documentation stays updated. With the changing of code, tech documentation will require refactoring. No documentation is not good.

  • Go for XP practices

XP means Extreme Programming. It is a group of development practices which creates clean code. CP practices are extensively defined. It is advisable for a Scrum team to make use of XP practices.

Tech debt requires efficient management. It is quite similar to credit card debt. Like the best way to pay out tech debt is to approach a fiscal institute or a debt consolidation company similarly, the best way to pay off credit card debt is to go for debt negotiation, debt settlement or debt consolidation. Check out more details on the topic and on credit card consolidation loan online and you will get better idea how to get benefitted in the right manner.

Save Interest Payments with the Right Debt Consolidation Quote  

When it comes to choosing the right online service provider for the ideal debt consolidation plan, you certainly cannot take any chances. When you think of getting a debt consolidation quotation, it is always a good idea to proceed with much caution. It is always advisable that when you have to take any decision regarding your money, you should factor in all points that may and may not go in your favor. If you have already taken a decision regarding which debt consolidation scheme to go for, it then becomes very important to get in touch with a reliable debt consolidation agency and let them assist you with your debt re-structuring.

Image result for Save Interest Payments with the Right Debt Consolidation Quote  

Are you eligible for a debt consolidation quote?

For those who are not aware, only those who are rightly eligible for a debt consolidation quote can avail the services of a debt consolidation agency. This agency provides essential advice and guides their clients to take the most suitable scheme depending on their payment ability and other financial needs and requirements. You would certainly want to avoid a scenario where you are already burdened financially owing to impending loan installments and bills and to make matters worse, you end up with a wrong debt consolidation arrangement that does no good to your prevailing financial condition.

The job of such an agency is to make sure to pick the best plan that would mitigate your financial woes at the earliest. Thus, it makes sense that you ask for a quote from different agencies and not just a single service provider. With the quote in hand, you get a fair idea about how the company will re-structure the debt payment program. In most cases, you will get the quote for free.

If the agency fails to provide debt consolidation quote for free at the start, then you certainly need not bother approaching them again for their counseling. The web is teeming with a good number of companies that provide quotations for free. Once you have done your research and find the right company, you can request for an online quote. Click here to learn more.

There have been various cases where scammers disguise themselves to be debt consolidation service agencies and will ask their clients for a payment first. These fraud companies either end up offering below-par services that only make things complicated for you on the financial front. In worst cases, they even flee with the money which you paid them upfront.

Getting a free-of-cost debt consolidation quote ensures your debt repayment process is in safe hands. Reliable companies will be quick and efficient with their work and waste no time in analyzing their client’s financial condition before stating a quote.

By procuring a debt consolidation quote free from different online agencies, you also get an opportunity to compare each service provider’s services and keeps you in a better position to take the right call. Like most other service providers, even debt consolidation service agencies will charge differently for their service. It is entirely your call to choose the best egg loans that gives you the best quote, which is usually the best interest rate on your outstanding debt and flexible repayment options.

IIT-B names, shames start-ups for reneging on job offers

IIT-B names, shames start-ups for reneging on job offers

Mumbai: In an unprecedented move, the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay (IIT-B) on Thursday released the names of nine companies it has blacklisted for allegedly going back on plum job placements they offered to its students.

These companies, most of them start-ups, were blacklisted for one year for various reasons, IIT-B spokesperson Falguni Banerjee-Naha said.

Among the erring companies is LeGarde Burnett Group, which revoked its job offers and was later found to be a fake, without a proper company address.

 Companies LexInnova and IndusInsight delayed the joining dates given to the selected students, Banerjee-Naha said.

The others said to have revoked job offers were GPSK, Johnson Electric of China, Portea Medical, Peppertap and Cashcare Technologies.

One firm, Mera Hunar, came up with a different name and hired the IIT-B students for another start-up.

The list of nine companies named on Thursday is not final and more could follow depending on their responses in future, the spokesperson said.

It is the first time that a prestigious institution like the IIT-B has published a list of blacklisted companies for reneging on job offers to its passouts.

The matter had been under review for a couple of months after these companies defaulted on their job offers, and was discussed at a recent national-level conclave of all IITs in the country.

Taking a cue from IIT-B, other IITs are expected to follow suit and announce their own lists of companies that have gone back on their placement commitments.

IIT-B Placements Cell official Dipesh Chauhan said while seven companies were Indian, two — Johnson Electric and LeGarde Burnett Group — were from China and Australia respectively.

“Every year, many companies approach us for recruitment. Based on some background check, we invite them for placements. The placement cell didn’t contact them,” Chauhan said.

Most of them are genuine firms, which visit the IIT-B campus for the final round of interviews. Officials of the two foreign companies came from Sydney and Hong Kong.

Most of them are now saying they are revoking or deferring the joining dates of the students “due to some internal restructuring”, Chauhan added.

School dropout biggest crisis in India, says Singapore Deputy PM

School dropout biggest crisis in India, says Singapore Deputy PM

New Delhi: Drawing attention to a high dropout rate in upper primary schools, Singapore Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam on Friday said schools are facing the “biggest crisis” in India.

Delivering the first lecture of government think-tank Niti Aayog’s ‘Transforming India’ initiative, he said the world’s second-most populous country also has the “biggest gap” between (rpt) between talent at the top and unfulfilled potential at bottom.

Speaking on the need for social mobility, Shanmugaratnam said experiments have shown that starting as early as possible in a child’s life cycle helps.

 “Intervention at pre-natal stage are critical, followed up with pre-school opportunities,” he said, adding that India has some notable schemes in this regard citing the results of the Integrated Child Development Services and Anganwadis.

Things, he added, can be achieved with village-level interventions — from reaching out to the mother and the child as early as possible and then schools.

“Schools are the biggest crisis in India today and have been for a long time. Schools are the biggest gap between India and East Asia. And it is a crisis that cannot be justified,” the Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore said.

Reeling off data, Shanmugaratnam said 43 per cent students drop out before finishing upper primary school. There is a shortage of 7,00,000 primary school teachers, only 53 per cent schools have girl’s toilets and only 74 per cent have access to daily drinking water.

He went on to say this explains that when India took part in OECD PISA study in 2009, it was ranked 73rd out of 74 countries. “And this is in a country which has exceptional talent with people who go to IITs and IIMs and lead companies all over the world and are first-rated,” he added.

“India has the biggest gap, I know and I have spent many years in education… Talent at the top and the unfulfilled potential of those in the rest of the society. And these things can be fixed. And it is not by way of ever-increasing budgets,” he said.

Highlighting Singapore’s example, the Deputy Prime Minister said it is not about spending more, but is about organisation and culture.

“How do we recruit our teachers, how do we train them, how do we hold the teachers accountable, how do we provide for quality across the system and not just at its most exclusive end? How do we ensure that every school is a good school?” he explained.

Shanmugaratnam saw a big challenge in the tertiary (higher) education system, which he said is not unique to India, but all over the world, the US, the UK, China, Europe and Korea.

“We are over-producing graduates who go through a general academic education. We have over-academised learning… We are producing students who do not have the skills required in the real world. We have to re-orient our system to focus on the skills required in the real world,” he stressed.

On human resource development, Shanmugaratnam said: “Human capital development is not just what happens in first 12 years or 18 years of our life, it is about what happens through (rpt) through the life. It is about life-long learning. We need to refresh ourselves.”

It means developing potential throughout life, having an infrastructure that encourages people to learn, he noted.

Shanmugaratnam also underscored “a very special role” cities play in Reform, Perform and Transform, particularly in a large continental-scale society like India. “Because it is cities which are crucibles of both innovation and inclusivity,” he reasoned.

“It is in cities where you get a working relationship between government, business, ITIs and schools. We have to empower them. Hold them accountable, give them some financial autonomy and hold competition among them. Cities will play a special role in future,” he predicted.

Shanmugaratnam endorsed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policy, saying he has rightly emphasised that there is no strong economy and no strong nation without a strong society.

“And the social policies and the interaction between the social and economic policies have to be the primary arena for the government’s ambition. Social policy at the end of the day is economic policy,” he added.

He concluded saying the need of the hour is “what the Prime Minister emphasised in his speech”.

“It’s not just about budgets, it’s not just about programmes, it is at the end of the day about a social and political culture…,” he added.

Shanmugaratnam underlined the need for enhancing social cohesion and the need to bring various sections of society together.

Making the point that looking long term in developing culture always pays, he said: “A culture that focuses on the long term is essential for all that we want to achieve in an inclusive society. Short-termism is an enemy of social mobility.”

Break Management Stereotypes With An Online MBA In Systems

The job market in India is slowly increasing, every day, with respect to the number of openings in every field. This is where the requirement for an MBA graduate in systems comes into play. A degree such as this will give students the required skills to work as a system analyst or information technology expert.

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What Do You Study During An MBA In Systems Course?

An MBA specialization in this subject typically requires two years to complete, during which you will study subject related to business administration and the integration of system knowledge in the business world.

Some of the most notable topics you would broach in this degree include:

  1. Management of information systems
  2. Computer security
  3. System analysis and design
  4. Legal and ethical business practices
  5. Database Management Systems
  6. Computer Networks
  7. Enterprise Resource Planning

Some of the career opportunities you can get with an online MBA in systems cover fields like:

  • Website Management
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Information Security
  • Computer Networks and Security
  • Knowledge Management System And Business Analysis

Why Choose A Distance MBA In Systems?

MBA programs in systems are a somewhat less-trodden path and can offer you a number of the best career opportunities, when paired with the right course. Based on the fact that India is slowly turning out to be a leading job market, MBA holders in this particular field will soon be individuals to be reckoned with. If you are looking to improve your standing in the industry as a systems specialist, now is the best time to embark upon the adventure.

Also, a distance MBA offers you the following benefits:

  • A More Diversified Crowd To Interact With

As opposed to a college environment, studying a distance course helps you meet people from the most diverse backgrounds. This helps you understand different cultures and their perspectives, which can be instrumental in moulding your personality as a public relation subject expert and a valuable leader.

  • Better Career Opportunities

A distance MBA allows you to study while you are still employed. This means that you have the chance to apply whatever you study in the business world, firsthand, to see how each iteration works and how it impacts the work environment. The perspective you gain from this will be invaluable in helping you succeed.

Treading a career path in this field will increase your opportunities to advance your career to new and rarefied heights.