How To Find Best Car Value In India With Zero Hassle

Once you have made the decision of selling your car, the first thing that you need to decide is whom do you want to sell the car to. Knowing your potential customers  is extremely important for a successful trade to happen. In the case of sale of a used car, the seller has two options:

  • The first option is that he or she can sell his car to car trading companies who deal in second hand cars.
  • The second option is to sell the car privately to the retail customers who would be buying the same for their personal use.

Depending on the customer type you select for the sale of your car to, you would need to accordingly find your car value in India.

Selling To The Traders Is Hassle Free

It is common knowledge that the car traders would be experts in this field and would, therefore, be in a much better bargaining position that any used car seller. Thus, when you decide to sell your car to them, you need to be mentally prepared that they would ensure that the deal between you and them is mutually more beneficial to them than to you. In spite of this knowledge, many sellers still prefer to sell their cars to these traders rather than retail customers. The primary reason for this is that the sale to these traders is completely hassle free. The traders themselves arrange for everything, inspection of the car, valuation of the car, basic cleaning and maintenance of the car is also sometimes done by them for better understanding of the condition of the car. The seller has to do absolutely nothing. He can simply sit back and relax and allow the trader to arrive at a quote for the car and simply then either agree or disagree with the same. For getting a good price for the price, the only effort that the seller can and should make, is to approach different car traders and ask for quotes from all of them. There is a slim possibility that the competition between these traders might push them to quote a higher price in an attempt to outbid the other traders.


Retail Buyers

There are mostly two primary reasons which guide the decision to opt for selling the car to a retail buyer instead of a trader and they are:

  • You are looking for the highest selling price for your car.
  • You are personally and emotionally attached to your car and therefore want to make sure that it gets transferred into good and safe hands.

No matter what your reason for choosing to sell your car to a retail customer is, once this decision has been taken by you, you are then confronted with the big task of selling the car and for this you would need to conduct a proper valuation of the car. If you do have the required technical knowledge about cars, then making these valuations on your own may not be correct and you might need professional assistance for the same.

Professional Valuation Companies: There are professional valuation companies present in the market, which conduct proper inspection and valuation of your car and suggest a fair value for the same. They even issue certificates stating the value of the car ad also the condition of the car. Hiring these professionals is a good option, but it is an expensive option as well. These companies charge a big fee for their services and many buyers may not be willing to spend this money on finding their car value in India.

If you have decided that you would not spend any money on car valuation and therefore are looking for free car valuation avenues, then the only option left for you is to go online.

Online Car Valuation

There are many online sites which help the sellers in finding the right value of their cars. All that the seller has to do is register with the site, fill in a small form where certain general details about the car like year of manufacture, etc. would be asked and then submit the same. The site would get back to the seller within 24 hours with a fair value of his or her car. This is the best way of finding the best car value in India with zero hassle.


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